Back Pain &/or Stiffness

(also Arthritis, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Hip Pain, Knee Pain, Ankle Pain, Foot Pain, Joint Pain)


Joanna believes that if you can keep all the muscles that activate a joint flexible and restriction free, then the articulated surfaces of the bone should not be under any tension. If one or more muscles are tight or restricted in any way, they will pull the joint slightly out of true, or compress the surfaces of the joint together, and potentially start problems. If untreated, a misaligned or compressed joint will eventually start to become osteoarthritic as the cartilage wears down. One example of pain being caused by a muscle some distance away is a common ‘arthritic’ pain in the base of the thumb joint, often due to fascial restrictions and trigger points in the brachialis (a forearm muscle) and/or radiobrachialis (an upper arm muscle). Most pain in the knee is caused by trigger points higher in the leg in the quad muscles. Under normal conditions, these muscles allow the knee to track correctly, with little or no tension in the joint. If just one of these muscles is compromised the joint can become painful. Joanna has some regular clients who come from between once a week to once every 6 weeks to keep their joints pain free. Preventing surgery is often an incentive for making regular appointments. Clients whose joints have already deteriorated, and who are booked in for hip or knee replacement surgery, make appointments for a few weeks before and after the operation for more speedy recovery.



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